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My $4633.33 Profit Vacation

Hello my friend,

Did you go to vacation this year? Well, it’s season at the moment, when I’m writing this. Did you go somewhere nice and exotic?
This year, I went to Europe to visit some friends and family and to see places I’ve never been to.

Why would this be of any interest to you?

Well, how often it happens that you actually make money while vacationing instead of spending? That is exactly what happened to me.
I went away for a whole month and first week when I logged into my MOBE back office, I saw this:

Bojan's 2377 mobe commission

Bojan’s $2377 mobe commission

I thought, that is pretty nice, don’t you think?

Well, it was nice, but couple of weeks later, I logged in again and it looked like this:

Bojan's $4633.33 mobe commission

Bojan’s $4633.33 mobe commission

It got much better? Right? 😉

How did this happen? I did not promote it or did any kind of marketing during my vacation. I simply loaded up my autoresponder and emailed my list daily. Some people liked it and decided to respond to my offers.

It was that easy.

In conclusion, I would go to vacation like this all the time. Or even better, stay on vacation indefinitely. Being an internet marketer has perks like this.

If you have any questions or comments, leave it below or contact me directly.

Stay cool and talk to you soon,


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