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Get Your $50 Instantly!

Hey Friend,

In the last blog post I mentioned fantastic T Harv Eker’s JARS system for managing your personal finances. To my knowledge, there is no better system available.
If you didn’t read the blog post that goes into details about it, take a look at it here:

Bojan, you might be asking me, are you saying  I should keep my money at home in jars?

T Harv Eker's JARS System

T Harv Eker’s JARS System

Of course not. Jars are only there for symbolical reasons. You should keep your money in the bank.

But what bank? As you already realize, you need multiple accounts.

When I decided to follow this system, I was puzzled how to do it. Most banks would allow one checkings and one savings account. Then, I found out about Tangerine.

With former ING Direct, now Tangerine in Canada, you can have multiple accounts, that can match the jars perfectly. It is not only completely free, but you also get $50 just for
opening an account.

That’s not all. Tangerine gives you $120 by paying you $10 every Friday if you decide to receive your salary by direct deposit to your checking account. If you refer someone, you both get $50 each. If you open an account for your children, you will get another $50 and so on.

There are many other interesting things Tangerine offer like email alerts on various account activities and easy and fast money transfer. What especially I like is a cheque deposit using your phone camera. That really saves time and time is money.

In order to get your $50, you need to be referred by someone and use his so called “Orange Key”, which is his referral id.

If you are thinking about opening an account, you can use my key that is following:


Simply go to and register using this key. Otherwise, you won’t get your $50.
You must hurry, because this bonus ends on 31st of October. 

Simply click on “Sign me up” and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email or leaving a comment below.

To filling your JARS,


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You Have a Millionaire Mind!

Hey Friend,

In this post, I just wanted to share with you my thoughts after attending the world famous “Millionaire Mind Intensive”, by the one an only T Harv Eker, the author of the bestseller “The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind”.

Millionaire Mind Intensive - My Online Business Wealth - Bojan Doroslovac

Millionaire Mind Intensive – You Have a Millionaire Mind!

If there’s one seminar you should attend, it is this one, regardless of what kind of business you are in, online or brick and mortar. The speakers are the best in business and they can really help you to identify the non-supportive thoughts and blockades inside you that prevent you in gaining financial security.

Millionaire Mind Intensive - My Online Business Wealth - Bojan Doroslovac

Millionaire Mind Intensive – My Online Business Wealth – Bojan Doroslovac

They made us go deep, face our deepest fears and conquer them.  This event can change people’s lives.

One of the most famous things Eker is known by is so called “JARS” system. The idea is to have six “jars” where you divide your money for specific purposes.

T Harv Eker's JARS System

T Harv Eker’s JARS System

Let’s briefly take a look at how it works:

  • FFA 10% – Financial Freedom Account – This is a “jar” for your financial freedom. The money allocated here is for creating your passive income and it is not for spending. They called it “golden goose”.
  • LTSA 10% – Long Term Savings Account For Spending – Savings for big things like house, car or exotic vacations. You should spend this money when you reach the amount needed for your dream item.
  • EDU 10% – Education – Account for your own education. The idea is to never stop learning and increasing your knowledge about finances, business and ways to improve your income and investments. This means courses, online or other, personal growth and similar.
  • PLAY 10% – Play account – This is to make your inner child happy. You are supposed to spend this money every month ideally or no later than three months. You spend it only on yourself on things that really make you happy and are just for your pleasure.
  • GIVE 5% – Give account – This money is intended for your favorite charity.
  • NEC 55% – Necessities – Bills, food, clothing, everything you need to keep things moving.

In my humble opinion, this is the best money managing system out there. Countless people used it only to report amazing results. The only thing that can ruin it is your better idea, as they mentioned it on the seminar. 🙂

When I decided to implement it, I was puzzled how to create so many savings accounts. Having jars physically there helps, but it is probably not a good idea to keep your money in the house. You also want to use the interest and compounding on your savings.

Millionaire Mind Intensive - My Online Business Wealth - Bojan Doroslovac

Millionaire Mind Intensive – My Online Business Wealth – Bojan Doroslovac

Initially, Eker suggested that you open several checking accounts with the same bank and then negotiate the discounted rate for accounts fees. I did some research and discovered that one bank allows you to open up to eight saving accounts. It is ex ING Direct, which is now called Tangerine in Canada and Capital One 360 in in US.

Today, I have all six accounts opened and everything works like a charm. It had an amazing effect on my personal finances and I’m not paying any fees, since Tangerine is free.

If you need more info regarding opening an account with the same bank, feel free to contact me.

To your success,


P. S. As we often told each other on the seminar last weekend, You Have a Millionaire Mind!


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