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Starting Your Online Business (Part 1 of 20)

I am getting lot of questions regarding starting your online business, so I’ve decided to shoot a 20 part video series where I would address most of them.

Here is the first one:

Let me know if you have a specific question or topic you would like me to talk about in comments or email




Bojan Doroslovac - My Online Business Wealth

Bojan Doroslovac – My Online Business Wealth

Three Things To Brighten Your Mood In An Instance

Feeling down these days? We all have those moments and they come and go and there’s very little we can do to change that.

What we can change is how we react when they come. Here are three quick remedies that helped me in the past:


1. Smile!

Smile - My Online Business Wealth

Yes, you should fake the smile and your body will not know the difference. Don’t believe me? It is scientifically proven that forcing the smile reduces the stress instantly. Several studies came up with the same result: you will feel better, because your brain will release dopamine – a feel good chemical.

So, fake it and you will make it, it’s guaranteed.


2. Take a Walk!

Walking takes not only your body out into the new environment, but also your thoughts and your mind. If it’s a sunny day, that’s even better. If not, it doesn’t matter. Just walk, clear your mind and try to focus on the surroundings.

Walking - My Online Business Wealth

Walk where you haven’t been before or at least not recently. Walk until you feel you had a pretty decent workout. They did a study on walking and the conclusion was that covering the same distance by walking or running burns the equal amount of calories.

The difference is that you burn calories faster by running. 


3. Watch a Comedy (A seriously good one)

Find a really good comedy (bad ones could bring you even further down) and watch it. Watch the funniest scenes multiple times.

Laughing - My Online Business Wealth

The chances are that your body chemistry will completely change by the end of it and you’ll feel much better.


That’s it for this time, comments or questions are welcome.





Bojan Doroslovac - My Online Business Wealth

Bojan Doroslovac