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Zip Lining in Costa Rica

Hi friend,

Here are some moments from one of the activities that we did on MOBE Platinum Mastermind in Costa Rica.

It was the first time I’ve tried zip lining, but I’m sure it is not the last time.



Zip Lining in Costa Rica on MOBE Platinum Materimnd

My friend Rick and I goofing before climbing to the canopy.

It goes much faster than it looks…


Hi-five to Matt Lloyd, the mastermind behind MOBE, the amazing 26 year old millionaire, who made all this possible.

Until next time,






$500 In Five Minutes!

Hello friend,

I’m back from Seattle where I attended Home Business Summit and guess what?

I made $500 in five minutes!


Besides great value delivered by speakers during three days of Summit including a blueprint for making a $100K in the next 12 months, we also had some fun.

The part of every summit is a knowledge game where people can win $500 or a mystery gift, by choice.

Bojan wins $500 cash prize.

Bojan wins $500 cash prize.

The trick is to calculate how much commissions will MOBE affiliates make in an imaginary scenario. Well, lets say I did it and it felt good.

As it always happens on live events I go to, I met a lot of very interesting and successful people. People I will most likely do business with in the future.

I also met quite a few old friends that I usually meet on webinars, Skype group calls and Facebook, so it is a pleasure meeting them live in Seattle and Costa Rica a few weeks back.

Bojan at MOBE Home Business Summit

MOBE Home Business Summit

MOBE Home Business Summit

Hyatt Regency Bellevue

An online entrepreneur occupation can be sometimes lonely, since you are usually in front of your computer, so live events are nice break, especially when they are held in locations like Hyatt Regency Bellevue:

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Holding a huge check is always a special feeling:


Then you see what is actually possible with MOBE.

That’s it for now and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to put them below.


‘Til next time,