Monthly Archives: May 2014

An Amazing Sunset in Costa Rica

Hey folks, Bojan here,

Check out this video. It as a shot of an amazing, live sunset in Costa Rica. It was recorded while we were on a catamaran boat trip that included snorkeling in one of the secluded beaches.

What is also very interesting regarding this boat trip? I was there with a six figure monthly earners like Carolina Milan, John Chow and the others. While we were having fun, our online businesses were not at hold. Everything was still up and running without us having to be there at all.

That is the beauty of being an online entrepreneur.




Talk soon,




On My Way To Costa Rica

I am writing this on Vancouver International Airport, ready to take off for Costa Rica. What is happening there? I will attend MOBE Platinum Mastermind Retreat.

Long name, right?

In short, it is probably the most important event to attend if you really take your online business seriously.

I’m very excited as you can see it from this video:

Ok, stay tuned, more info to come.