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It’s Almost Never Linear…

Did you ever have to dig a ditch? Why do I ask, you might be thinking…

Well if you did, then you remember how it went. You get a shovel and start digging. As soon as you start, you see a small hole in the ground. Then you dig some more and the hole gets bigger.

As you keep on digging, and the ditch is forming slowly before your eyes, the results of your effort are clearly visible. If you invest more energy and dig faster and harder, the ditch will get longer, wider and deeper.

So simple, isn’t it?

So, when you are starting your online business, it should be the same, right? You invest some money and effort and make a few sales. Then you keep on doing what you started increasing the intensity slowly and the sales grow accordingly.
Before you know it, your business takes off and you are a full time online entrepreneur.

Basically, it looks like this:


We all hear and remember stories of people starting a blog or a website ¬†that instantly become viral and they make a fortune overnight. Almost every “making money online” system has testimonials like this.

That sounds great, but it almost NEVER happens to majority of folks in real life.

What is the typical story of most successful online marketers? It just sucks in the beginning! Matt Lloyd spent eight months working day and night, trying and failing until he got his first sale. That was $1000 commission sale and he invested over $30.000 when he started.

After that, it all took off and looked like this:


Why is this important to remember? The fact is that people have unrealistic expectations. Some gurus or coaches teach us to first have a goal set and to break it down to monthly, weekly and even daily goals.

Let’s say you calculate you need three sales a day to achieve your goal for that year. You start building your business and as in previous example, sales are nowhere to be found. When several days pass without sales, you start calculating how much do you have to make in the next few days to make it up and follow your plan.
As number grows bigger, your enthusiasm grows thinner. After a few weeks it becomes a desperation and finally, you just start thinking that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all.
You are one step from giving up completely with inevitable “I told you so…” to yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, starting with a goal in mind is absolutely necessary. Thinking that it will go as planned can be a one way ticket to failure.

It will most definitely NOT go according to your plans. It will probably look like this:


So, what is the answer to this?


Just don’t give up and keep your eyes on the prize.


‘Til next time,



Who The Heck is Bojan?

BojanHello my friend,

Welcome to my blog. I am absolutely trilled to have you reading these lines, because they are written by a real human being. A person with a past and future, hopes and dreams, disappointments and triumphs, thoughts of fear and thoughts of pride, all mixed up in this amazing existence, called life.

Who is Bojan? There is no simple answer to this question, but let me try.
Bojan is a

  • husband
  • father of gorgeous twin boys
  • Internet Marketer
  • software developer
  • published poet
  • musician and a music lover
  • fitness coach
  • martial arts enthusiast
  • to be continued…

I could add that I speak three languages fluently and a few more less fluently, that I can juggle tree balls (my boys just love it) but all that is not really important.

The question here is “what can I do for you“?

You see, some time ago, I’ve decided that working full time job is just not something I will do my whole life. Spending as much time with my family is something that no money can pay.

Yes, I loved my job, but I knew that there has to be something more out there. I was looking for it a long time and it found me quite unexpectedly. I attended a local meeting where famous John Chow who is also from beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

And it started…

Nothing was the same after that moment when I found myself in the room full of people who all had their online businesses which gave them a freedom to work from wherever they were and whenever they wanted.

The beginning was not easy as it rarely is but it took of slowly, but surely. I made probably every mistake that can be made in this business and that is a good thing!

A good thing?

How can that be a good thing, you might be asking… well, it is a good thing for YOU, since you don’t have to repeat any of them. I can show you what NOT to do and of course the opposite. I can make it shorter and sweeter for you, if this is something that would be of interest to you.

Stick around, leave a comment and contact me, so we can go from there.